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Visit NJ Flea Markets During the Fall

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As summer fades away and the landscape bursts into shades of yellow, orange, and red, you are probably planning your Halloween décor and Thanksgiving meals already. This year, celebrations might be low-key amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, you may plan to decorate the home for the kids, or enjoy a festive meal to keep up everyone’s spirits despite the gloom and doom elsewhere. And what better way to get all your supplies and knickknacks than to visit some of the splendid NJ f…

What You Can Find at Your Local Farmers’ Market

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In the past, people visited farmers’ markets for their wide range of fresh, affordable and delicious produce. Today, things have changed. Farmers’ markets have grown to become more than just a retail outlet for raw fruits and vegetables. Now, they are the ultimate social gathering place for visitors to enjoy things like prepared goods, locally made crafts and more. As markets continue to evolve, so does the variety of what you can find. Vendors who don’t sell produce are typically featured a…

Why it’s Important to Sell Your Goods and Services at an Established Flea Market

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Whether you work the flea market circuit as a part-time gig or depend on your stall for your livelihood, flea markets provide an ideal space for you to sell your unique items and merchandise. They are especially useful if you have recently launched a business but are not able to invest in a physical shop yet. Selling your products at a flea market allows you to test-drive your goods and establish a loyal customer base before moving onto the next stage. Before choosing where to set up shop, i…

How do Flea Markets Help the Local NJ Economy?

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Flea markets are often the heart and soul of a community. They serve as common ground where people can easily interact with one another and a place where social and economic activity truly come alive. Flea markets are the perfect venue for entrepreneurs to test out their products and where members of the public can gather to buy local goods, demonstrating that these types of markets directly benefit the producers, consumers and the wider community. 

Flea Markets vs. Farmers Markets: Exploring the Differences

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While the terms are often used interchangeably, flea markets and farmers markets are different. A flea market is typically a large, mostly open-air market where people gather to buy and sell used or second-hand goods. On the other hand, a farmers market usually consists of people buying and selling things like home-grown fruits, vegetables and other assorted baked goods. Taking place in several countries around the world, these markets can be confused, as sometimes, food items are available …

Chase Away Your Winter Blues at Our Year-Round Indoor and Outdoor Markets

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When you think of the phrase “farmers market”, it usually brings to mind visions of walking amongst outdoor tents in the warm sunshine. However, lower temperatures don’t mean that farmers markets cease to exist. There is still plenty of local, seasonal shopping to experience, even as the cold weather rages on outside. Indoor farmers markets offer a warm and inviting place to find locally-grown foods and unique hand-crafted items that can be purchased in the off-season.  The Benefits …

Come Participate in Our Live Auction Every Saturday

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Believe it or not, auctions have been around for more than 2,000 years. Today, auctions continue to be a popular spectacle with consumers gathering from all over the country to bid against each other on goods for sale in the hope that they have the highest offered price. 

Flea Markets: Your One Stop Holiday Shop

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Many of us set out with the best intentions when it comes to getting through the holiday season. Although, what happens when the excitement fades? You may begin to feel overwhelmed for a number of different reasons from holiday shopping to juggling a busy social calendar. Fortunately, no matter what holiday you celebrate this season, if you are feeling the pressure of gift-giving, we have the perfect solution for you. Visit your local flea market to shop among a wide variety of vendors who ar…

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