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Flea Markets vs. Farmers Markets: Exploring the Differences

While the terms are often used interchangeably, flea markets and farmers markets are different. A flea market is typically a large, mostly open-air market where people gather to buy and sell used or second-hand goods. On the other hand, a farmers market usually consists of people buying and selling things like home-grown fruits, vegetables and other assorted baked goods. Taking place in several countries around the world, these markets can be confused, as sometimes, food items are available at flea markets and farmers markets can also feature non-food items. However, it is important to understand the difference, so you know what to expect and are able to find the specific goods you are looking for. 

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Chase Away Your Winter Blues at Our Year-Round Indoor and Outdoor Markets

When you think of the phrase “farmers market”, it usually brings to mind visions of walking amongst outdoor tents in the warm sunshine. However, lower temperatures don’t mean that farmers markets cease to exist. There is still plenty of local, seasonal shopping to experience, even as the cold weather rages on outside. Indoor farmers markets offer a warm and inviting place to find locally-grown foods and unique hand-crafted items that can be purchased in the off-season. 

The Benefits of Shopping at Farmers Markets in the Winter 

Winter farmers markets are a slightly different shopping experience than the ones you may have during the summer season. There is no better time than now to discover all the benefits winter farmers markets have to offer. Read on to learn more about the advantages of shopping local during the winter: 

  • Intimate Environment: Winter farmers markets provide a much more intimate environment and tend to bring out the regular crowd which gives local vendors a perfect opportunity to get to know their customers and establish personal bonds. These markets are a lot more relaxed and sociable for both vendors and customers. 
  • Better Food Selection: If you purchase food at the grocery store, chances are the produce was grown in another part of the country or part of the world entirely. By the time these items are harvested and ready for purchase; they go through a lot and are vulnerable to losing precious nutrients along the way. Fresh, local food goes through less of a process, so you can benefit from maximum flavor and nutrients. 
  • Support Local Businesses: When you shop at a farmers market, you are helping to reinvest more money into the community, especially during times when markets are not as active as they are in the summer. By supporting local farmers, it helps them build a reliable and profitable market, so, they are less likely to resort to selling their farmland for development. 
  • Help the Environment: Regardless of the time of year, shopping at your local farmers market is extremely beneficial for the environment. Locally grown food does not have to travel as far, which means the products consume less fuel for delivery and leave a better carbon footprint.   

Support Local Vendors at Cowtown Farmers Market 

While many farmers markets close up shop in the wintertime, we don’t. At Cowtown Farmers Market, we invite you to visit us every Tuesday and Saturday from 8-4pm, even in the cold weather months where we take our markets indoors. During your visit, you’ll benefit from a heated facility featuring over 400 vendors that are selling anything from fresh produce to one-of-a-kind vintage treasures. Additionally, although our famous rodeo is closed until May, visitors who come to our market on Saturdays can also attend our live weekly auction beginning at 11am. We welcome you to sip on hot drinks and enjoy a variety of snacks while you take in your surroundings. 

Visit our markets every Tuesday and Saturday, rain or shine. For more information, please fill out our online contact form, or if you are interested in becoming a vendor, take a look at our vendor requirements.

Flea Markets: Your One Stop Holiday Shop

Many of us set out with the best intentions when it comes to getting through the holiday season. Although, what happens when the excitement fades? You may begin to feel overwhelmed for a number of different reasons from holiday shopping to juggling a busy social calendar. Fortunately, no matter what holiday you celebrate this season, if you are feeling the pressure of gift-giving, we have the perfect solution for you. Visit your local flea market to shop among a wide variety of vendors who are guaranteed to have something for everyone on your list. 

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Get an Early Start on Your Holiday Shopping 

As we say goodbye to fall festivities, both local and major retailers are gearing up to promote holiday sales, officially kicking off the shopping season. While it may seem like the holiday shopping season begins a little earlier every year, checking off everyone and everything on your list as soon as possible is a smart move. Shopping early can save you precious time and money as well as minimize stress throughout what is sure to be a busy holiday season.  

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Things to Do on a Fall Weekend in NJ

Fall is an exciting time of the year to be in New Jersey. On any given weekend, you can experience a number of seasonal activities and attractions. With school back in session and cooler temperatures, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the interesting things the state has to offer, without the crowds. What are you waiting for? The crisp air, breathtaking scenery and smell of autumn leaves are calling you to make the most of this season before it passes by. 

Don’t Miss Out on these Fall Activities – Perfect for the Weekends

There is plenty to see and do on a fall weekend in NJ. Whether you are going on a romantic getaway or planning a family trip, you can always find something here to fill your itinerary. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at some of the best fall activities and places to visit in NJ: 

  • Attend a Fall Festival – Foodies rejoice! Fall is food festival season in NJ. If you want to experience local BBQ, food trucks or craft beer, there are always events taking place every weekend. Check out one of the exciting harvest festivals this month. 
  • Tour a Winery – If you are a wine lover, you’re in luck. NJ has more than 40 wineries scattered throughout its lush and scenic valleys. There are plenty of options and opportunities to take a stroll through the vineyards and sample award-winning wines.  
  • Go Apple or Pumpkin Picking – No matter where you are, one of the most popular fall activities to do is to visit an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Fortunately, there is no shortage of apples or pumpkins in NJ and most farms will offer both apple and pumpkin picking. 
  • Take a Hike or Scenic Drive – The area is fortunate to be surrounded by an abundance of nature and fall is the ideal time to watch the surroundings transform and change colors. Pack a bag and hike through the Appalachian Trail or visit one of our many parks and trails. If you’d prefer taking in the scenery from your car, there are several vistas and historical districts to explore and enjoy.     
  • Visit a Flea Market – If you are looking for inexpensive and unique gifts or antiques, take a stroll around a flea market. They are wonderful places to spend a day with some even offering fun food options. Enjoy locally butchered meats, fruits and vegetables amongst a vast assortment of collectables when you visit Cowtown Farmers Market.  

Enjoy a Unique Experience at Cowtown Farmers Market 

Fall weather can be unpredictable but one thing is for sure. Rain or shine, we are open all year round. So, stop into our one of a kind marketplace to discover hidden treasures and our world famous farmers market. What started out as a livestock auction in 1926 has now become one of the Garden State’s best indoor and outdoor flea markets. For weekend visitors, we are open from 8 am – 4 pm on Saturdays and look forward to welcoming you every week.

Visit us every Tuesday and Saturday this fall and see our collection in person. For more information, please fill out our online contact form, or if you are interested in becoming a vendor, take a look at our vendor requirements.

Fall is the Perfect Time for Shopping at Cowtown Farmers Market

With the kids in school and the temperatures outside cooling off, now is the perfect time to take advantage of your free time during the week and shop at Cowtown Farmers Market.

Not only are we open year-round, but we offer a variety of seasonal items that you can buy and use to decorate for the season or even get ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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Back to School Shopping at Cowtown Farmers Market

It is that time of year again where parents gather up their child’s supply list from school and head out for back-to-school shopping sprees. Whether you need a whole new wardrobe for your child, electronics before they go off to college, or a few odds and ends to help them with the new year, Cowtown Farmers Market should be your first stop for back-to-school shopping. 

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Cowtown Farmers Market Live Auction

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