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First Time at a Flea Market? Here’s What to Expect -Useful Shopping Tips

Have you ever been to a garage sale? Do you love the thrill of price negotiating? Well, a flea market is so much more. At Cowtown Farmers Market, you can shop until the cows come home—just kidding, no livestock for sale! 

This indoor/outdoor flea market has over 400 vendors with diverse products sure to capture the imagination. There’s plenty to keep your whole family busy, so grab a pen and jot down a few first-timer tips for wheeling and dealing at South Jersey’s premier flea market. 

What to Expect at a Flea Market in South Jersey

Explore a universe of diverse items, some of which are sold by multiple vendors. You can leave all your normal shopping experiences behind because the rules are entirely different here. Each vendor sells whatever they want, and prices are negotiable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flea Market Shopping

The advantages of shopping at Cowtown Farmer’s Market include: 

  • Negotiable prices. Haggling is more than a fun exercise. You can save real money by offering fair prices that can save you tens or hundreds of dollars. 
  • Quantity discounts. Much like wholesaling, you can save money when you buy large quantities. Vendors are happy to get the items off their hands. So, they’re likely to offer a bargain if you buy more.
  • Relationships matter. A friendly manner allows you to gauge the type of person selling each item. Trust your gut feeling when it comes to deciding whether each vendor is eager to sell to you, or not.

The disadvantages of shopping at a flea market include:

  • Sourcing uncertainty. It’s impossible to know the sourcing of objects unless you take the vendor’s word for it. This means you have to carefully inspect each item as all sales are final, and you may never see the vendor again.
  • Changing inventory. Even if a vendor attends the market regularly, you can’t count on the same inventory being available the next time you come. With this in mind, if you see an item you love, it’s best to buy it on the spot. 

How to Prepare for a Day at Cowtown Farmers Market

You’ll want to cover a lot of territory during your shopping expedition. So, wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and loose clothes. We also suggest investing in a wheeled cart to hold your treasures. With items as diverse as clothing, computers, jewelry, and fresh vegetables, it’s important to prepare for every eventuality. Bring plenty of cash for convenience and, if it’s your first time, take a lap around inside and outside to get a good idea of what’s on offer. 

Cowtown Farmers market opens every Tuesday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We suggest bringing an umbrella or poncho in case it rains. If you get hungry, you’ll find plenty of meal options at Cowtown Café. Choose from BBQ, soul food, Mexican, Chinese, and a variety of other cuisines to fuel your visit to hundreds of stalls. 

To prepare for your day, check out our online shopping information, which includes directions, parking tips, and featured vendors to look for. 

Come to Cowtown Farmers Market this week to see why we’ve been around for nearly a century. Many first-time flea market shoppers have become regulars over the years. You can contact us online with direct questions or just come and explore what’s available.

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