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Back-to-School Finds at Cowtown Farmers Market

As the glory days of summer fade away, students are making the mental shift for the upcoming school year. You can help your kids get ready with back-to-school supplies from Cowtown Farmers Market in Pilesgrove, NJ. The fresh air market provides a unique way to shop without missing out on the crisp autumn air, with its sense of anticipation and promise for a new school year. You can support local vendors and stock up on book bags, notepads, calculators, and other supplies. Be sure to visit all the stalls as inventories change weekly!

Cool School Supplies and Products at Cowtown Farmers Market

What can you find for budding students at the farmers market? Everything you need! From computers to clothes to healthy snacks, you can come to Cowtown Farmers Market for one-stop school shopping. Here are a few items to add to your shopping list:

  • Healthy back-to-school snacks: Fruits, raw veggies, and nuts make healthier snacks than chips and Jello packs. Stock up on healthy natural foods for after-school and lunchtime goodies. 
  • Computers, electronics and music items:Starting in elementary school, students learn to use computers to look up assignments and submit their work. You can find a wide array of computers, electronics, and music items to keep students connected this fall.
  • Children’s toys and clothing: You’ll find fair prices and great deals on clothing, toys, and desk supplies for your kids.  
  • Featured vendors: provide many of the items to meet your back-to-school needs.
    • J & J Unitech Inc. sells computers and accessories to make homework and notetaking a breeze.
    • Byler’s BBQ offers delicious comfort food kids can warm up in the cafeteria microwave. 
    • Howard Clothing Sales features colorful clothing and jackets for older kids and university students. 

Enjoy the Unique Shopping Experience 

Join a tour bus or venture out to Cowtown Farmers Market on your own for a unique shopping experience. You gain access to 400 merchants selling back-to-school and other items your family needs. Join us every Tuesday and Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm for an ever-changing shopping experience you won’t forget. Think about it, where else is every price negotiable?

Visit us in person for great back-to-school deals. If you would like information on setting up a stall, we publish our vendor requirements online. Get directions online and visit us this Tuesday or Thursday, no matter what the weather holds. 

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