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Back to School Shopping at Cowtown Farmers Market

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It is that time of year again where parents gather up their child’s supply list from school and head out for back-to-school shopping sprees. Whether you need a whole new wardrobe for your child, electronics before they go off to college, or a few odds and ends to help them with the new year, Cowtown Farmers Market should be your first stop for back-to-school shopping. 

Enjoy Summer Deals at Cowtown Farmers Market

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One of the main reasons people visit a local farmers market is for the deals, and when you are looking for farmers markets in NJ, Cowtown Farmers Market is one of the more popular. Not only are we open year-round, but we offer great summer deals and unique finds to make the trip totally worth it. 

Check Out Some of Cowtown Farmers Market’s Preferred Vendors 

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At Cowtown, we offer you the option to shop local and enjoy our farmers market year-round. While some of our vendors are seasonal, and others temporary, we also have an array of those that are here day after day – our preferred vendors.

Farmer’s Markets Don’t Just Sell Produce: Check out the Variety at Cowtown

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There is something quite charming and stimulating about visiting your local farmer’s market in NJ. In fact, farmer’s markets in the USA are growing at an exponential rate, with the USDA reporting a 76% increase in the number of registered markets between 2008 and 2013 alone. 

Enjoy Spring Weather at Your Local Flea Market in NJ 

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No matter how mild or brutal the winter months have been, there is a certain inexplicable joy in welcoming spring. The cool, crisp breeze, fresh green shoots, and colorful blooms that dot the landscape lend a cheery, uplifting vibe. While it looks pretty through your windows, the scene is best enjoyed by stepping outdoors. And what better way to appreciate the weather and your surroundings than to combine it with a shopping spree at your local flea market in NJ? The Cowtown Farmers Market is …

Bargain Shopping for Clothes and Footwear at Your Flea Market in NJ

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When it comes to clothes or footwear, your first instinct is to hit the malls or scroll page after page of your online shopping sites to find an attractive bargain. However, have you ever considered what a treasure trove awaits you at flea markets in NJ, especially here at Cowtown Farmers Market? 

Flea Markets are a Great Avenue for Vendors: Check out the Many Benefits

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Whether you sell fresh produce, apparel, beauty products, handicrafts, or other seasonal products, today you have several online and offline avenues to market your wares and build your profits. While there are a wide variety of virtual retail options, they do come with their own set of challenges. Not only do you need to learn and master the art of online marketing, but you also have to worry about packaging, shipping, and meeting tight deadlines to reach your product to the final consumer. O…

Flea Markets in NJ are Open Year-Round – See What Great Seasonal Finds Await You

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The temperatures might be chilly here in New Jersey, but that does not mean that farmer’s market season is anywhere close to over. Farmers’ markets stay open year-round, especially here at Cowtown Farmers Market. With our heated interior, our vendors can sell you their finest goods without making you brave the cold. Even better, winter is the perfect time to visit, because you have fewer crowds to contend with and unique seasonal items that only sell during those wintry months. What Fun, Uniq…

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