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What You Can Find at Your Local Farmers’ Market

In the past, people visited farmers’ markets for their wide range of fresh, affordable and delicious produce. Today, things have changed. Farmers’ markets have grown to become more than just a retail outlet for raw fruits and vegetables. Now, they are the ultimate social gathering place for visitors to enjoy things like prepared goods, locally made crafts and more. As markets continue to evolve, so does the variety of what you can find. Vendors who don’t sell produce are typically featured as a complement to the agricultural products that are sold at the market. 

Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market for More than Fruits and Vegetables

Farmers’ markets vary in size, but they always reflect the season with local agricultural offerings usually being the main attraction. While some markets may concentrate solely on produce, others carry everything from fruits and vegetables to baked goods, meat, dairy products and flowers. Before your visit, learn more about what you can expect from your local farmers’ market: 

  • What Markets Carry: What you can expect to find at your local farmers’ market depends on a combination of factors such as the season, location and market rules that outline what is allowed to be sold. Many farmers’ markets exclusively carry locally-grown produce which is a perfect opportunity for shoppers to support farmers from their own community. In addition to local fruits and vegetables, you may also be able to find other handmade goodies or even attend a live event or demonstration. 
  • When Markets are Open: While farmers’ markets are most popular in the spring, summer and early autumn months, many are open all year round. Markets can offer shoppers other products aside from fruits and vegetables such as meat, eggs, dairy and bread that are available fresh throughout the year. 
  • Help the Local Economy: When you shop at a farmers’ market, you can feel good about directly supporting the team that grew the food or made the products you are purchasing. Helping to generate business creates more jobs and also brings business to neighboring stores where the market is located, keeping your money circulating within the local community. 

Find Fresh Produce and Other Goods at Cowtown Farmers’ Market

Gather your family and come spend the day at Cowtown Farmers Market, South Jersey’s finest local, family-owned small business. We are an indoor and outdoor farmers market and flea market, open twice-weekly every Tuesday and Saturday from 8am – 4pm rain or shine. For almost a century, we have been proudly serving both buyers and sellers from near and far. Today, we have grown to feature over 400 vendors who sell everything from local produce to home goods, antiques and more. Whether you come for the fresh fruit and vegetables or unique vintage finds, we guarantee there is something for everyone here. 

Visit our markets every Tuesday and Saturday rain or shine. For more information, please fill out our online contact form, or if you are interested in becoming a vendor, take a look at our vendor requirements.

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