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Show Mom Your Love with a Gift from Cowtown Farmer’s Market

This Mother’s Day, if you want to show your mom love and appreciation in an extra special way, get her a gift from Cowtown Farmer’s Market. The days of drawings for the fridge are long gone. Your mom deserves something that is as unique as she is. If you’re stumped as to what to gift the mom who has everything, Cowtown has got you covered! From bespoke jewelry to on-trend apparel, we’ll have your mom all dolled up for her special day. 

Cowtown Farmer’s Market is open from 8am to 4pm, every Tuesday and Saturday, rain or shine, with over 400 vendors ready to help remedy your gifting woes. If you want to make the day even more exciting, bring mom to Cowtown Farmer’s Market and take her on an adventure where she may look for trinkets and feast on treats from our one-of-a-kind food court. 

If you’re still unsure of what to get your mom to show her your love, check out these gift ideas.


Cowtown Farmer’s Market has several vendors that offer plenty of sparkle and shine. Flowers, chocolate, and breakfast in bed are all lovely gifts for mom, but jewelry has staying power. A great piece of jewelry can be a statement piece, an heirloom, or simply a lovely way to say, “I was thinking of you.” If you don’t know what might strike your mom’s fancy, take a look at our suggestions below.

  • Bracelets – May be a perfect gift for a mom that doesn’t like necklaces. You can get them in a number of styles and finishes to match your mother’s personality. 
  • Crystals – A popular choice for free spirited moms who want to add some color and conversation to their outfit.
  • Protection – There are many types of jewelry that represent protection, such as the evil eye, hamsa hand, and azabache. Protection jewelry expresses your wish to safeguard your mom’s wellbeing and spirit. 
  • Silver & Gold – Silver or gold jewelry is a classic choice depending on your mom’s style. Silver can represent healing, strength, and love. Gold can symbolize luck, abundance, and happiness.

Women’s Apparel  
Help refresh your mom’s wardrobe by gifting her with some new clothing for Mother’s Day. We have several vendors that can help you find apparel to suit your mother’s taste. If your mom is a fashionista, a statement piece of clothing from our market can be the gift that puts a smile on her face. Our vendor stalls are rich with handcrafted, vintage, and trendy finds. Here at Cowtown Farmer’s Market, the outfit possibilities are not only endless but also, affordable.

Are you a vendor that is ready to refresh your sales? Take a look at our vendor information to get involved at Cowtown Farmer’s Market and make someone’s day with your trinkets and treasures! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!

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