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This antipasto recipe from Johnna’s Kitchen is incredibly simple… and incredibly good!

22819657 - a delicious looking tossed chefs salad or antipasto with meat cheese and kalamata olives.


Red Wine Vinaigrette

-A bunch of basil
-¼ cup red wine vinegar
-1 clove garlic chopped
-1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
-½ teaspoon salt
-½ teaspoon black pepper
-¾ cup olive oil

Antipasto Salad

-1lb curly pasta fusili cooked
-½ cup hard salami cut in strips
-¼ cup provolone cut inti strips
-¼ cup asiago cheese grated
-2 tablespoons green olives with no pits cut up
-2 tablespoons roasted red peppers cut in strips
-½ teaspoon salt
-½ teaspoon black pepper

Place all Red Wine Vinaigrette ingredients into a blender and pulse until blended. Then place all Antipasto ingredients into a bowl. Mix well, and then add your blended Red Wine Vinaigrette. Refrigerate for desired time. Lastly, serve, savor, and splurge!

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