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Flea Markets in NJ are Open Year-Round – See What Great Seasonal Finds Await You

The temperatures might be chilly here in New Jersey, but that does not mean that farmer’s market season is anywhere close to over. Farmers’ markets stay open year-round, especially here at Cowtown Farmers Market.

With our heated interior, our vendors can sell you their finest goods without making you brave the cold. Even better, winter is the perfect time to visit, because you have fewer crowds to contend with and unique seasonal items that only sell during those wintry months.

What Fun, Unique Items Can You Find at a Farmers Market in NJ During the Winter?

The answer to this may surprise you.

Cowtown Farmers Market has vendors that pride themselves on offering unique inventory year-round, which means they sell items exclusive to the season.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the seasonal goods you can find:

  • Beauty and Personal Products Designed for Winter: The dry, cold air wreaks havoc on your skin, health, and wellness. The vendors selling at our flea market take that into account and offer up a variety of products designed for wintry weather. Pick up handmade bath bombs with pure essential oils, including eucalyptus and peppermint for those winter sniffles. Find the perfect perfume that complements the season, or homemade gourmet soaps that hydrate your drying skin.
  • Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: Temperatures might be low, but there are seasonal fruits and vegetables grown in New Jersey year-round, including squash, ripe, juicy apples, eggplant, and more. See what local vendors have to offer – you may be surprised at how much fresher the produce here is than your local superstore.
  • Seasonal Décor to Brighten Up the Space: Pick up items that are festive for the winter season, but also help brighten up your space. Add some unique smelling candles to change your home’s ambiance or grab your Valentine’s Day decorations before the holiday rush.
  • A Deal on Winter Apparel: Ready to brave the ice, snow, and chill? See what excellent winter apparel is in stock from our vendors. You can find everything from snow jackets to pants for the entire family. You may also find cozy pajamas for nestling up in front of the fire with a good book, or handmade blankets to keep you warm on those cold nights.

While you are here at our farmers market, do not forget we have a full dining section too. Our vendors serve up meals perfect for the cold weather, including homemade zesty chili, delicious soul food that hits the spot, and even fresh coffee to help perk up your senses before you venture out for a day of shopping.

Come to Your Local Cowtown Farmers Market in NJ for Seasonal Items 

Come inside, enjoy the heated interior, grab a cup of fresh coffee and start browsing the inventory of our indoor flea market here at Cowtown Farmers Market. We pride ourselves on offering vendors who give our customers more than enough options for the season.

For information regarding our vendors at our flea market in NJ, contact us by filling out the online contact form. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, see our requirements. 

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