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Bargain Shopping for Clothes and Footwear at Your Flea Market in NJ

When it comes to clothes or footwear, your first instinct is to hit the malls or scroll page after page of your online shopping sites to find an attractive bargain. However, have you ever considered what a treasure trove awaits you at flea markets in NJ, especially here at Cowtown Farmers Market? 

Open all year long, every Tuesday and Saturday, from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., the Cowtown Farmers Market is South Jersey’s most exciting and buzzing marketplace. From fresh local produce, butchered meats and livestock, to clothes, accessories and antiques, this indoor-outdoor market promises diverse offerings, including unique, seasonal items and loads of quality goods.

A Delightful Collection of Clothes and Footwear at Cowtown Farmers Market

While the idea of looking for clothes or footwear at a market that also sells fruits, vegetables and antiques may sound a little quirky, you may be surprised at the variety that this place offers. You will find excellent deals on:

Men’s Apparel: A wide range of clothes, including: 

  • Printed tees featuring your beloved bands or musicians
  • Athletic wear and jerseys of your favorite sports team or personalities
  • Hoodies, sweaters and down vests
  • Huge collection of scrubs in never-seen-before prints and colors 

What’s more, our local airbrush artists offer on-the-spot, custom-printing of any design you want on the tees, vests and hoodies. 

Women’s Apparel

  • An extensive range of ladies wear, including skirts, tops, tees, trousers, jeans, dresses and lingerie 
  • Ponchos, wool capes and shawls as well as faux fur scarves and stoles
  • A massive line-up of local vendors selling cheerful, tribal print clothing, that you are unlikely to find in any mall or branded store
  • A vast collection of vintage clothing and statement dresses 

(Our regulars tell us that the unique, one-off pieces they buy here are greatly admired every time they wear them to an event or a social gathering).

Footwear for Men and Women: From stilettos and sports shoes, to handcrafted leather boots, the shoe stalls here sell a wide range of footwear for both, men and women. You can also get your name, initials or a fun message custom-printed on a pair of sneakers, as you shop.

Cowtown Farmers Market Could Become Your Favorite Shopping Destination

The Cowtown Farmers Market in New Jersey has been connecting buyers and sellers since 1926, and has a large base of enthusiastic, loyal patrons. Come and check out our inventory, grab a cup of coffee, or make it a day’s outing and enjoy a delicious meal from one of the many specialty food stalls. Chances are that once you explore the shops here, we may just become your favorite, year-round shopping destination— not just for clothes and footwear, but a host of other charming goodies as well.

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