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Get Outside to Do Some Shopping After a Long Winter – Spring Flea Markets

Let the sunshine in! Winter is gone and spring has arrived. Stretch your legs and take a stroll at Cowtown Farmer’s Market. Enjoy a day with family and friends every Tuesday and Saturday, from 8 am to 4 pm, rain or shine. Come spring showers or sun, we have over 400 indoor and outdoor vendors, that are eager to celebrate the joy of the season with you.

Cowtown Farmer’s Market, located in Pilesgrove, NJ, is the perfect place to shake off the winter blues and prepare for the sunny days ahead. Our vendors offer unique eats, one-of-a-kind treasures, and spring statement pieces your family and friends will adore.

Cowtown Farmer’s Market Offers Spring Steals

Cowtown can help you start fresh for spring. If you are looking to refresh your home and backyard with all the fixings, it may be best to avoid a big box store. Cowtown Farmer’s Market has all you need and more to update your space at a fraction of the price of home goods stores. Imagine a place that supports local businesses, offers beautiful plants and flowers, and has unique home décor for all seasons? At Cowtown, our vendors offer all this and more. 

For the best finds this spring, don’t head to the mall; come over to Cowtown Farmer’s Market for a fun shopping excursion. Enjoy the great outdoors and find all the hidden gems our vendors have in store. 

What can you find in stock for spring? Below are a few vendors picks we’re sure you’ll enjoy:

  • Spring décor: Spring deserves a fresh start! Our vendors have just that, with lovely floral garlands, garden décor, and sunny seasonal items.
  • Farm fresh fruits and veggies: Fruits, vegetables, and flowers—oh my! Cowtown Farmer’s Market brings in the gentle warmth of spring with a wide range of fresh food and plants.
  • Sports gear: This is the best time of year to get outside and get moving, and what better way than with some sports equipment from Cowtown? 

Spring Into Fun Farmer’s Market Activities

Spring is a time of reflection and regeneration. Come outside and lift your spirits at Cowtown Farmer’s Market. Looking to try a new dish? The best time to source local produce is in the spring! Maybe you’re ready to take up gardening? The spring brings in beautiful annuals to enjoy for the season, such as snapdragons, pansies, and marigolds. Want a new look? Spring is the season to refresh your wardrobe for the year and set the tone. At Cowtown Farmer’s Market, you can explore your spring season and the many adventures it brings. Come and enjoy things on the sunny side!

Are you a vendor that is ready to celebrate spring? Have you been searching for a community of vendors who share the same values for local businesses? Check out our vendor information page. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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