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Flip Your February with Hidden Treasures from Cowtown’s

Did you know that Cowtown’s is not only famous for its farm fresh food? We have over 400 vendors who carry a wide variety of unique items. This makes our market not only perfect for the personal shopper, but also for the bargain hunter looking for hidden value in the resale market.

Whether you’re flirting with the idea of starting a retail side hustle or are an experienced flea market flipper, we have vendors that may be harboring the hidden gems you are looking for. As always, shopping at Cowtown Farmer’s Market also provides the benefit of affordable and negotiable pricing, so that your hunt for profits can be a successful endeavour.

Popular Items for the Everyday Flipper

If you’re a novice in the world of flea market finds, it’s best to be prepared. At Cowtown Farmer’s Market, you’ll find all kinds of fascinating items you’ll not find elsewhere. To help you with your treasure hunt, we recommend looking into these goods.

  • Tools, Automotive Parts, and Hunting: One man’s junk can be another man’s treasure in our vendor booths selling these items. You can find both new and used goods at affordable prices. Whether it’s a rare car part or an overlooked old tool that carries value to the correct buyer, flippers can potentially earn a good profit if they have the knowledge to spot a diamond in the rough.
  • Children’s Toys: One of the hottest markets in online resale is children’s toys. Toys that were once common are dwindling in numbers as more and more end up in landfills. Some rarities hold high nostalgic value and, in the right condition, can fetch a high price. With any luck, you may find a sought-after collectible in the stalls of one of our vendors. 
  • Antiques: Antiquing has come into a renaissance in recent years as people have begun to recognize the value of the craftsmanship of yesteryears. Antique signage, items made with sturdy metals, and hardwood furniture are being recognized for their beauty and robustness in the modern era where most items are made of cheaper materials that aren’t made to last. Some of our vendors have beautiful furniture that with a little TLC can either bring in a big profit or, if you are a DIYer, make a beautiful statement piece in your home. Other items of interest include antique pocket watches, home goods, and appliances.

Are you a vendor interested in selling hidden gems? Take a look at our
vendor information to begin your flea market journey at Cowtown Farmer’s Market. If you’re curious about the market and have questions, please contact us!

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