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Come Participate in Our Live Auction Every Saturday

Believe it or not, auctions have been around for more than 2,000 years. Today, auctions continue to be a popular spectacle with consumers gathering from all over the country to bid against each other on goods for sale in the hope that they have the highest offered price. 

Whether you are interested in selling or buying a one-of-a-kind treasure, an auction is the right place to make that happen. In fact, auctions are one of the fastest ways to convert your goods into immediate cash. Now, you can enjoy this special event year round at Cowtown Farmers Market as we are moving the auction indoors all winter long.  

Why Auctions are a One-of-a-Kind Event

With our enthusiastic auctioneer, Clay Harp Sr., leading at the helm, you are in for an experience unlike any other. So, what makes auctions so special? Read below to find out more: 

  • Why you should participate: Many people participate in auctions because they are curious about the goods for sale and more specifically, what makes these items so unique and interesting. Bidders are even more curious when it comes to the prices that are obtained at auction. 
  • The advantages for bidders: As a bidder, live auctions are a great opportunity to talk to auction professionals, sellers and your fellow buyers. You can learn more about things you are interested in but may not be as familiar with such as art, furniture and more.  
  • What you can learn: Auctions are not your average bidding platform. Regardless of the purpose you are there for, it is a great opportunity to not just buy or sell but learn about important things like the value and construction of goods, collection practices and so much more. 

Check out Cowtown Farmers Market Live General Merchandise Auction 

Visit us every Saturday at Cowtown Farmers Market for our Live General Merchandise Auction. There’s no excuse to miss out on this exciting auction since we have moved the event indoors for winter to provide our sellers, buyers and spectators with the most enjoyable experience. Consigners are welcome to drop off items between 7-9 am on the day of the auction which begins at 11 am. Discover a number of goods for sale in the warmth of our former restaurant building with plenty of food and drinks also available. 

Visit us every Saturday for our Live General Merchandise Auction. For more information, please fill out our online contact form

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